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"Kærlighed er fred" (love is peace)
From "Landet" (2016)

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About  the term "love" - one of the most used words/terms in our culture (probably only surpassed by "economy") and at the same time, one of the less precisely defined.

We use "to love" about both icecream, our new car and our children. And the fact that we probably use it more frequently about the two first than the last, is a hint that it has lost it's meaning as a reference.

The song tries to nail the first condition for "love" to occur in the first place - a sense of peace in the presence of the other.

Maybe we should just leave it there. Letting the universe and the deeper intelligence and intuition of our souls  lead the rest of the way.

The EP "Landet"  (in danish meaning both "landed" and "the country") consists of songs produced at three different occassions between 2014-2016.

SESSION 1: Frostbox Studio, Rentemestervej, Kbh.: "Kærlighed er fred", "Langhårede Leddeløse Lone"
SESSION 2: August Wanngrens Studio, Amager:
"Lad os lægge vores våben", "Masser af tid" (additional instruments, production and mix:Oli Poulsen)

SESSION 3 Village Pond Studio, "Min grædepige", "Dette lille land"

The recordings for "Kærlighed er fred" took place in 2015, where the band recorded five songs in a two-day session:two in danish three in english for a later release.

The band

Jakob Falgren - Bass
Rune Harder Olesen - Percussion
Jeppe Gram - Drums
Kristian Thomsen - Soundengineer

All the songs where arranged basically from scratch, taking about three hours each.



"Love is peace"

(direct english translation)

We're sitting on the grass under the moon

talking about love
Does it exist, is it her
e, is it just pop
Can it survive too much honesty
Is it just a friendship with added sugar

Does it get in trouble if you are truly yourself
Is it an account you can overdraw without getting into debt Do you love your cat as much as this fool
and is it OK and just the way it is


Can we enjoy being at the same time and place
Enjoy food and wind and weather without plans
Then we might be close enough
to something we can understand


We're sitting in the tree by the house talking about love
Is it something you can practice,
should you just leave it alone
Can you love more than one
with a certain kind of honesty


We're sitting on the beach by the sea talking about love Was it here, is it gone, can we find it again
We haven't come much closer, but we're are feeling fine
It's something about trust - obviously

Kærlighed er fred
(Music & lyrics: Lysdal)
(See translation below)

Vi sidder under månen på græsset

og snakker om kærlighed

Er den til, er den her, er den bare noget pop

Kan den overleve alt for stor ærlighed

Er den bare et venskab med sukker på


Kommer den i problemer hvis man er helt sig selv

Er den en konto man kan hæve på

uden at komme i gæld

Elsker du din kat lisså meget som fjolset her

og er det OK og bare sån det er




Kan vi glædes over at være til på samme tid og sted

Nyde mad og vind og vejr, uden mål og med

Så er vi måske tæt nok på noget vi ka forstå



Vi sidder i træet ved huset og snakker om kærlighed

Kan man øve sig på den skal man bare la den passe sig selv

Kan man elske flere på samme tid, med en særlig ærlighed



Vi sidder på stranden ved havet og snakker om kærlighed

Var den her, er den væk, ka vi finde den igen
Vi er ik blevet meget klogere men vi har det rart

Det' noget med tillid – helt åbenbart




As 99% of all recorded music is streamed, credits for musicians, technicians, photographers etc. are gone.


So here is a list of the guilty ones, responsible for what you are hearing and seeing (and I am honored to work with them all)



Session 1
"Kærlighed er fred", "Langhårede Leddeløse Lone"

Jakob Falgren - Bass (James Morrison, Trentemøller, Pinkunoizu, Savage Rose, Søren Huss, Bisse)
Jeppe Gram
- Drums (Ginne Marker,, Lennart Ginman, Bent Jædig, Hugo Rasmussen, AskeJacoby, Jens Winther, Palle Mikkelborg,  Kirk Lightsey, George Garzone

Rune Harder Olesen - Percussion (CV Jørgensen, Gnags, One Two, Kim Larsen)
Jens Lysdal - El-guitar, Acc. guitar, Vocals and all other instruments


Jesper Bo Hansen - (Glenn Hughes, Anne Linnet), Synth on "Kærlighed er fred"


Session 2
"Lad os lægge vores våben", "Masser af tid"

Jakob Falgren - Bass (James Morrison, Trentemøller, Pinkunoizu, Savage Rose, Søren Huss, Bisse)
Oli Poulsen - Add. keys and strings on "Masser af tid"
Hans Poulsen - Guitar solo on "Masser af tid"
Jens Lysdal
- Electric- and  Acc. guitar, Bass on "Masser af tid", Vocals and all other instruments


Session 3
"Min grædepige", "Dette lille land"

Jens Lysdal
- Vocals and all  instruments



Recorded in Frostbox Studio, Cph.  by Kristian Thomsen


Recorded by August Wanngren. Additional instruments, mix production and mix Oli Poulsen

Recorded at Village Pond Studio by Jens Lysdal
Mixed at Frostbox Studio, Cph. Kristian Thomsen

Mastered by Brian Mørk Hansen


PRODUCED BY JENS LYSDAL  (except "Masser af tid" ptoduced by Oli Poulsen)

Photos by Elisa Hauerbach
Cover and graphics by Tot Henriksen