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Background, lyrics and more

Be my angel (eng)
Be my angel
Fra "A matter of time (1995/2012)

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About the eternal misunderstanding and mix between love and dependence, that has messed up so many potentially good relations and caused so many scars.

Once I knew a girl who thought she could find the answers about herself and her life through me.

She wanted me to help her explain who she was.

I couldn't.
I could hardly say anything relevant or substantial about who I was myself. But when you're young and is fooling around trying to find your own identity, you sometimes get flattered when another person trusts you like that. And then you just say something that you think might be true. And then you start to developing a story and a picture together about life and each other. And maybe - by guessing and talking together - you still become wiser on what's going on - maybe thats how most life and lives develops:telling stories that nobody knows are true or not.

The recordcompany chose "Be my angel" as the first single.

Probably because it had the most obvious chorus.

For the same reason they also made a musicvideo, recorded in inner Copenhagen.

Accordeonplayer in the beginning: Øyvind Ougaard (who also plays on the track). Singing girls: Christina Boelskifte and Michela Jønsson

When we recorded the basic tracks for the song, our drummer Anders hadn't played all the 2 and 4 beats in the choruses, so we sampled one of them and entered them in the track by hand, by pressing a button at the appropriate times (very advanced studiotechnique in 1993 :-).


Accordeon – Øyvind Ougaard

Double bass – Niels Dahl

Congas – Lisbeth Diers

Drums– Anders Pedersen

Acoustic guitar – Flemming Ostermann

Percussion – Rune Harder Olesen

Grand piano – Jacob Christoffersen

Background vocals – Christina Boelskifte
Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, synth – Jens Lysdal

Be my angel
(Musik & tekst Lysdal)

She was married to the moon

Feeling like a sad cartoon

She was heading for a tragic end

In a story that was out of her control


She wanted me to help her

To be the one she wanted to be

But I often made her smile

When I said that she knew more

about that than me


Be my angel be my pride

Be the one that’s always by my side


Be my angel be my pride

Tell me that I’ll never have to hide



She was much too young

She thought that I was strong

And wondered why I never smiled

And why I didn’t call her up before


I said “That’s why you’re here

To brighten up my darkest sides

Then I can be your distant sun

And guide you safely ‘round

the rocks of life”


Be my angel......


Tell me that you'll never leave

Tell me that you're always here


Be my angel......

(see all lyrics from the "A matter of time" album)

The album "A matter of time"

Shortly before we had our last rehearsals before going to the studio, the idea was that it almost entirely was going to be an  instrumental record - with "Easy to forget" as the only exception.

It should also have been released under the name "Time Group", which was the name of the band back then.


But the recordcompany thought it would be easier to sell it with the name of the singer - so it became "Lysdal".
And they were so happy about the song, that they asked if I could write some more. So during the next two months, I wrote the other six.


Apart from those there was a Randy Newman song - "Marie" and Billie Holidays' "God bless the child".
The latter we scrapped, but it appears on the remastered version from 2012

The members of the  initial band were: (see pics)

Niels Thybo – piano/keys,
Lisbeth Diers – percussion,
Anders Pedersen – drums
Kaspar Lindhart – bass
JL - Vocal, acou.- and el-guitar

Just before going to the studio, we had three days of rehearsals.

I hadn't yet told the others about the new songs, so they were somewhat surprised, when I said that I had scrapped most of the material we had worked and toured with the past years, and that we instead were going to work on totally new material.

I recall the ambience as being a mix between a certain amount of grumpiness and curiosity :-). 

The first recordings took place in october 1993 in Sun Studio (not the Elvis one) on Dortheavej in Copenhagen - one of the best studios in the country a that time.

Bjarne Hansen was chief engineer and Rene Combony was the producer. .René produced the first four songs, but couldn't agree about the economics with the recordcompany, so we got Flemming Ostermann in instead. Both worked very dedicated - and differently - with the music, and were a big part of the result.

We recorded on 48 track digital tape (like an ordinary multitrack tape recorder, but on digital tape).
The mixing console was a big SSL and we mixed down on DAT-tape.


This was before you had all the editing possibilliteis with Protools and the like, where you can edit everything with millisecond precision, så the basic recordings to a very high extent, laid the ground for how the song would be and sound in the end.

Of course several things were dubbed afterwards:background vocals, extra percussion, guitars, keys etc. so in the process a substantial number of musicians got involved.

Jon Bruland – bass

Niels Dahl – double bass
Rune Harder Olesen – percussion
Christina Boelskifte – backing vocals
Klaus Menzer – drums
Otto Sidenius – organ
Øyvind ougaard – accordeon
Jacob Christoffersen – grand piano
Bobo Moreno – backing vocals
Christina Boelskifte – backing vocal
Flemming Ostermann backing vocals og accoustic guitar


In 1997 the album "A matter of time" won first prize "Album of the year" at "Cerbul d'Aur International Popmusic festival" among participants from 72 countries (see video).

Among the other participants were a very young  Christina Aguilera (see video).


In 2012 I released a remastered version of the album with new vocals and played a tour around the country playing the album from beginning to end (live review in danish)

Video Be my angel (eng)


As 99% of all recorded music is streamed, credits about the musicians, technicians, photographers etc. are gone.


So here is a list of the guilty ones, responsible for what you are hearing and seeing (and I am honored to work with them all)


Jens Lysdal Vocal, acoustic and electric guitar, synth, percussion

Niels Thybo Grand piano, synth and rhodes (DR Big Band, Thad Jones' Eclipse, Marilyn Mazur)

Kaspar Lindhart  Double bass

Lisbeth Diers  Percussion (Airto Moreira, Trilok Gurtu, Tomaz Stanko,  Steve Swallow, Marilyn Mazur, Don Alias)

Anders Pedersen   Drums
(Allan Olsen, Drori/Hansen)

Otto Sidenius  Organ

Jakob Christoffersen Grand piano (Curtis Stigers, James Moody,
DR Big Band, Joey Baron)


Øyvind Ougaard  Accordeon (Sebastian, Monrad & Rislund, Kim Larsen)

Jon Bruland  Bass (Dr. Hook, Anne Linnet, Lars HUG, Kasper Vinding, Alberte, Michael Falch)

Niels Dahl  Double bass (Vildnis)

Klaus Menzer  Drums (Sneakers, Savage Rose, Palle Mikkelborg, Hanne Boel)

Rune Harder Olesen  Percussion (CV Jørgensen, Gnags, One Two, Kim Larsen)

Christina Boelskifte  Backing vocals  (Sanne Salomonsen, Danseorkestret)

Bobo Moreno  Backing vocals

Flemming Ostermann Acoustic. guitar & backing vocals

(see specified creditlist for all tracks)



Optaget i Sun Studio, Kbh af Bjarne Hansen
Mixet i Sun Studio, Kbh af Niels Hofman
"Marie" Mixet i Sun Studio, Kbh af  Bjarne Hansen
"Be my angel" Mixet i Medley Studios af Mads Nilsson

Vokaler til 2012-version indspillet i Village Pond Studios
Mixet af Lars Nissen

Mastered af Oli Poulsen i Tocano (1995 version)
Mastered af
Nikolaj Vinteni Supersonic (2012 version)


Photo by Martin Sne
Cover design:Lars Grønvad


Pics Be my Angel (eng)
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